Chrome Extensions

How to install

First, download the .zip file down below, then goto chrome://extensions and enable developer mode.
Now click Load Unpacked Extension and find the folder that was extracted.
Now you have the extension installed, enjoy!

The Extensions

Discord Launch

Discord Launch Download

This extension adds a discord link to the chrome://apps/ where you can create a desktop shortcut or taskbar shortcut of the web version of discord.

Dark Matter (Discord)

Dark Matter Download

A cold, dark & frosty theme for discord.

An unofficial chrome port of the DarkMatter made by Hammock (CosmicSalad) theme for discord, ported over by MilesFM.
It was originally used with BetterDiscord but since I liked the look so much I ported it over.
This is for those who can't or won't install BetterDiscord or have but use the web version as well and want this theme.
It changes the appearance of Discord to what is shown in the image.